“Hepworth  & Associates has given us the tools we need to feel confident in  any situation. They explained how to go about being prepared for  problems in the future, everything from scheduled hospital stays to  unexpected ones. 

We are so much better prepared for an emergency  situation as seniors.  

Gary has been an excellent advocate for us!” 

W & L Claxton - Etobicoke

“When  my husband went into the hospital recently, I was overwhelmed by the  situation and trying to navigate today's health system is just too much  for me.  

We're so glad we called Hepworth & Associates as they did  the navigating for us and made sure we didn't get lost in the shuffle.  I  don't know what we would have done without them! ” 

Karen Yan - Toronto

“After  dealing with my mother's recent passing, and the turmoil our family  went through, we attended one of Hepworth & Associates 'Navigating  the Healthcare System' seminars, and we really wish we had sooner.  

A  lot of what we learned at that seminar is why we contacted him to assist us developing our own Aging Well plans.

P. Michaels - Mississauga

“We  had no idea just how much we didn't know, when it came to planning for  our elder years.  We had our finances in order but didn't realize how  many other considerations we needed to make for ourselves, but as well  for our family.  

We have our plans in place now and our family is aware  of them.  Thank you Hepworth & Associates ” 
A. Johanssen - North York

"We thought we had everything planned out well for our seniors years but hadn't heard of an Advance Care Plan, until attending one of Gary's presentations last year.  

He was very helpful in assisting us in putting ours together and we truly do have some "peace of mind now" for us and a our children".

P. DiGiogio - Markham

Every year my wife and I attend Gary's seminars to update our knowledge of what is new in healthcare, retirement, finances and governmental changes and to update all of our plans.

It's always great information, very entertaining and its a good feeling knowing we've got everything up to date and in place.

I. Khan - Brampton