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It often starts with.....

.....with a phone call from another family member, a friend or neighbour that  something has happened to a senior loved one, or you’ve come home to a  situation that you’d hoped would never happen, but now it has.  You knew it was a possibility, if not a likelihood.  But it was difficult to think about then, and figured it would be easier to deal with it when it  did….until now.    

Hepworth & Associates provides personalized support and  planning services for exactly these situations,  so that you and your family can have that peace of mind to carry on with the more enjoyable things in life.…like living it!

Who Do We Help?

Helping Those Navigating the Later Life Course

The "later life course" presents a number of generations with great joy and rewards, but it also presents some challenges along the way.  And even though many of the challenges are a natural course of nature, they can still be surprise and difficult to deal with.

We also recognize that these joys and challenges are not just an impact to those in their seniors years, but just as much to those in younger years as they step forward to help their families and loved ones during their journey.

Who do we help?.....all of those who are navigating the later life course for themselves, for those who they care about.


Retirees and Elder Seniors


Adults with Elderly Parents


Those Charting Their Course


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