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When Experience Counts.....

The  “Hepworth Team” is comprised of individuals with experience in health  care, home care, personal planning, financial planning, housing options,  legal considerations, lifestyle alternatives and the myriad of unique  circumstances that seniors and their families must deal with today. 

You can have  the comfort of knowing you are dealing with a group that has seen it,  done it, learned from it and is ready to support your unique path.

Over the past 30 years, we know what "aging well" is all about, and that's  about being prepared for today and tomorrow.   It’s about responding to the immediate as well as having a plan  for what you want, a plan for surprises, a partner that can  advise/advocate for you when surprises occur, and then the ability to  get back to enjoying that life with peace of mind for you, as well as  your family.

We  understand the complexities that seniors and pre-seniors face in  dealing with planning for their later years....and why a lot of people  just don't, until it's during a crisis when everyone is at their  emotional imits. We are there to advise and advocate for you when those  challenging times arise and helping you plan better so you can  successfully maintain your quality of life as you age

- Gary Hepworth

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Your Management Team

Gary Hepworth, EPC


President & Managing Director and Founder of Hepworth & Associates


Gary brings 30 years of experience with "people" across all demographics with a specialization over the past 10 years in healthcare, home care and advocacy.  He is a Certified Elder Planning Councillor (EPC), and a Certified Cognitive Coach.  

He is also the Founding Chair of CARP Etobicoke, the lecturer for the popular "Navigating the Healthcare System" seminars, and a member of multiple organizations serving seniors to include CARP, Osteoporosis Canada and many more.

Gael Hepworth


Director - Client Support & Advocacy for Hepworth & Associates

Gael has managed compassionate health,  wellness and recovery programs for not only herself but her family,  friends and community for over 20 years and has developed a deep understanding of how our health care system works and how to get the help needed. 

 She is also an active member of the Alzheimer's Society of Toronto,  CFUW, the MS Society of Toronto, the Toronto Integrated Partnership for  Seniors (TIPS) and the Etobicoke Elders Network.  

Kelly Franklin


Director - Elder Planning Services for Hepworth & Associates

Kelly provides our clients with the comfort and peace of mind that comes from looking at elder planning through a number of, housing, legal, financial, lifestyle and family perspectives.

She's a Certified Elder Planning Councillor (EPC) and a core contributor to Hepworth & Associates proprietary elder planning processes and standard we use today.

Kelly is a regular contributor to the Toronto community at large.

Our Client Advocate Team


Our Client Advocates are as unique as you are,  and as unique as your situation is.  We're here to help!

They are ready to assist in anyway they can, whether your need is immediate or more long term.  

Just give us a call!

Our Special Partners Group


Sometimes, the needs of our clients extends into more specialized areas of legal, financial or medical areas where we reach out to our network of Special Partners, to support you the best way possible.

One way or another, we have you covered!

Our Board of Advisors

Cynthia Woods


Cynthia  Woods is a Toronto lawyer practicing in the west end.  While in practice since 1994, she has specialized in elder law since 2015, to  her twenty years refocus her experience in wills, trusts, estate  and other areas specific to older  adults. 

Karen Pivnick


Karen is the owner and operator of Topcat Organizing, a professional services firm dedicated to assisting those in the downsizing and decluttering process while supporting those during what can often be a stressful time  

Lola Macanowicz


Lola  Macanowicz is President of Lola Macanowicz Insurance & Financial Services, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP),  a Certified Insurance  Professional (CIP), a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), and a Certified  Health Specialist (CHS).  

James Ellis


James  Ellis is President & Managing Director of The Rotary Dial Council,  The "Council" is an organization supports people over the age of 50, with information, entertainment, engagement, as well as in supporting academic research, and advocacy for elders.

Anne Karda


Anne Karda is a seasoned real estate professional practicing in the Toronto area.  With specialized designations including ReloPro and the Women's Shelter Foundation, Anne's particular expertise is in assisting those transitioning their homes during the later life course.

Tom Carrothers


Tom is the President of the Halton Chapter of CARP, and leads one of the most vibrant and active chapters in the organization.  Tom's intimate knowledge of the "pulse" of today's seniors makes him an invaluable voice to our Board.