Things have changed significantly over the past 10 years.  There are a lot more of people entering the "later life course" with the baby-boomer wave creating exponential effects on healthcare systems, families, personal finances and all with challenges and stresses.

The and the fact that we're all living longer, makes that life course more challenging than ever.  We've designed our services accordingly.  With services to support you immediately, when crises present themselves.......when the crises pass and a new normal has emerged.....and in planning the future for all involved.  Advance care planning is more important than ever !

We're here to help you now......later and beyond!

A number of our clients come to us, realizing that they're in that time of life where "things can happen" but aren't quite sure where to get started.  These thoughtful people are already way ahead of most people in anticipating their potential future as retired seniors or even supporting their parents during their later life course.

Our favourite thing to do in these situations is to provide a private, free consultation to discuss your thinking, the realities and options of later life course planning.


Our Services

Immediate & Crisis Support

Immediate & Crisis Support

Immediate & Crisis Support


In "situation critical", always make 9-1-1 your first action for any medical or threatening environs.

After that Hepworth & Associates provides a wide pallette of personalized services for you or your family that begins with access to your own personal Client Advocate.

From personal advocacy services and navigation at the hospital for you or loved one, to elder care and home care services coordination to keeping everyone apprised of the situation post-crisis support.

Later Life Course Planning

Immediate & Crisis Support

Immediate & Crisis Support


Later Life Course Planning or Elder Planning has emerged with great popularity over the past five years as generations are now confronting issues themselves or for their loved ones.

Issues in health, housing, legal, financial, family, lifestyle as well as caregiving are all challenges to us of time, coping, patience and money that we wish we'd thought more about.

Hepworth & Associates specializes in Later Life Course Planning and uses a number of its proprietary tools and processes to support you.

Information & Education

Immediate & Crisis Support

Information & Education


We know that navigating the myriad of things going on these days when it comes to those subjects, key to later life course is at minimum, a challenge.

And to help those to find their way, we produce a few services on a regular basis, the first being our Elders' Insight podcast series which is offered right here in our website.  Please click the button below and enjoy our library of relevant subjects, expert speakers and convenient access.

Also have a look at our Events & Media page where we do regular speaking engagements that you can attend!